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Hear from home care leaders about why you should attend one of these essential summits.

“Now is the time to dig into the proposed PDGM model, identifying key drivers for your success in 2020. Evaluating your financial net impact is one thing – knowing what to do about it is another! Preparing your operations and clinical modeling now will be key to your success under the PDGM. As an industry, we concurrently are moving toward escalating Value Based Payment at the same time. Learning how to optimize quality at the lowest cost will be crucial for success within the PDGM payment reform as well as advancing population health initiatives.”
— Cindy Campbell RN, BSN, MHA – Healthcare Informatics, COQS, Director Operational Consulting, Fazzi, Inc.

“The PDGM National Summit is a can’t miss event. Key industry leaders have come together to prepare home health agencies to be ready to embark on the changes related to the PDGM system.  Given the critical nature of the changes under PDGM as well as the expertise of the panel of presenters, you should make plans to attend a session near you.”
— Mike Dordick, President, McBee Associates

“PDGM is the largest change to Home Health Medicare reimbursement since the implementation of the Prospective Payment System. I have been involved with home health since the Medicare benefit was implemented, and have seen all the changes from cost based, to Limits, to PPS, and now PDGM. With Medicare being the primary payer for home health, it is imperative that agencies understand PDGM, how it will affect their operations, and to be fully prepared for PDGM on January 1, 2020. As many non-Medicare payers have adopted Medicare changes, agencies should also be aware that PDGM may eventually be used by other payers.”
— Tom Keyer, Manager of Health Care, Mueller Prost

“The evolution to PDGM will be easier for those with a clear roadmap for the next year and, a commitment to leading the change with inspiration alongside a team of committed change leaders.”
— Gina Mazza BSN, RN, CPHQ, Senior Vice President, Fazzi Associates

“Attendees will learn the areas to focus their education, data (including OASIS and Coding) that they can use now to pinpoint potential issues, and strategies to use to focus their future strategic business and clinical direction. Managing a smooth PDGM transition is critical to the success of a home health agency, and can be the difference between thriving in the new model, or risking an agency’s sustainability.”
— Kelly Murphy, Director of Coding Operations, Fazzi Associates, Inc.

“The journey to PDGM implementation in 2020 is filled with opportunities to learn how to survive the most significant changes to home healthcare in decades, and actually thrive amid the changes. Finding the right partners with the right solutions is essential. These national summits provide the opportunity to understand the changes and equip providers with the resources, knowledge and insights that can improve patient outcomes and ensure compliance.”
— Andrew Olowu, Chief Technology Officer, Axxess (Board Member, Home Care Technology Association of America)

“The investment in your business partner is perhaps the most significant one you will make as an agency. The large-scale impact of PDGM requires a high level of trust, collaboration, and execution with your business partner. As your business partners, we encourage you to join us at the PDGM National Summit. These events are a rare opportunity to learn how to leverage our relationships to maximize your PDGM implementation success.”
— Neal Reizer, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Homecare Homebase (Board Chair, Homecare Technology Association of America)

“The first step in preparation is education – you won’t find a more robust and comprehensive PDGM education program than this one.”
— Nick Seabrook, Managing Principal – Founder, BlackTree Healthcare Consulting

“The PDGM National Summits bring together a treasure trove of national advocates, leaders and experts to help every Medicare Home Health Agency determine the impact of the new payment model and develop a solid plan for a winning transition. Dedicated and diverse teams will deliver 12 programs strategically located to ensure that all providers can gain insights and receive the tools needed for their success story after PDGM implementation. We’re very excited to be a part of this national tour to deliver a valuable, one-stop crash course for all – from single agencies to multi-site operations and networks – that covers clinical services, financial management, operations, data analytics, technology and change management.”
— Bill Simione, Managing Principal, Simione Healthcare Consultants

“We already know from the data released by CMS that there are some agencies who will face financial loss with PDGM. Preparing now is key into avoiding or mitigating that loss and making sure your agency is prepared for all of the changes coming in 2020.”
— Kelly Termine, Director of Quality, Fazzi Associates, Inc.